Solar Age (2075-2765)

Humanity takes its first steps into the stars, as the old world falls in nuclear war, and the solar system is colonized by brave explorers. 

Interstellar Age (2765-3029)

The Red Space Drive opens up the nearby stellar cluster to human conquest. First Contact with the Convention leads to a war of unprecedented scale for the human race. 

Imperial Age: 1st Dynastic Period (3029-3652)

Sean Campbell wrangles the feuding political parties of the human race, and crushes them beneath his thumb, creating a super-authoritarian mega-empire, for the “good” of the human race. Humanity joins the Convention, and the Geksheeshan War forces humanity to prove itself to the Galactic community. 

Imperial Age: Second Dynastic Period: Age of Cataclysm (3652-4195)

The death of the first Dynasty leaves the Imperial nobility feuding as a plague sweeps the Galaxy. As the Empire recovers from the plague, an ancient enemy from ancient history – predating the human race – launches an assault. The Selmark Shatter Point War leaves the Galaxy in pieces. Following the Goration-Imperial War a few centuries later the human race is considered to be “galactic villains.”

Imperial Age: Second Dynastic Period: Golden Age (4195-4748)

The Pan Galactic War ends in fire and dust, and the Goration Empire is gone. Humanity finds itself incorporating aliens into its empire for the first time, as it expands ever outwards. Racial segregation and street war break out. However, the newly formed Twin Crown Alliance gives rise to a Galactic Golden Age, as well as a cold war between the Alliance and the Convention. 

Imperial Age: Second Dynastic Period: New Galactic Age (4748-244NGC)

The Four Century War, between the Alliance and Convention, devastates the Galaxy. In its shadow the Second Dynasty falls, and the Coalition and Union rise from the ashes of a broken Empire. 

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Age of the Pact (244NGC – 1233NGC)

A new age dawns for the Galaxy as democracy returns to the human race, and an age of harmony begins. Not without bumps, as the Great War breaks out when desperation strikes the old Empire. The Coalition and Union form the Joint Defense Pact.

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